2X 35W Car H4-2 Low-Xenon High-Halogen HID Xenon Bulbs Light

2X 35W Car H4-2 Low-Xenon High-Halogen HID Xenon Bulbs Light
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Product Description

Description :

It’s time to really see the light and upgrade those dull halogen car headlamps with this super bright HID advanced headlamp system with Xenon bulb.

What are HID lamps?
HID lamps are the brightest auto lights around today. HID stands for High Itensity Discharge and replaces the filament in a bulb with Xenon gas. When exposed to high voltage the gas is ignited and produces a beam of light that is 3 times brighter than your regular halogen bulbs.

Xenon HID Advantages:
A winning combination of brighter light output with lower power consumption
Xenon lights are closer to natural daylight in colour and light your way more effectively
A brighter light means better visibility especially in bad weather and at night
HID bulbs are 300% brighter than halogen lamps
5 times longer life span than halogen lamps
Suitable for motorbikes and cars
High quality technology


Double beam: High beam xenon, low beam halogen
Socket type: H4-2
Color temperature:3000K,4300K,5000K,6000K,8000K,10000K,12000K,15000,extra deep blue,green,pink,purple
Brightness: 3200Lumens
Life span: 3000+ hours
Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C
Bulb maximum operating temperature: 700°C

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